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Students' comments

“In these classes you learn from your body to a surprising extent. You re-learn and observe every-day postures and movements, so as to create balance and achieve the maximum well-being. You take risks with your voice, with your emotions and intuition, finding pleasure in that which is really so close and accessible – your own body, your own being.”

       Silvina C. (dance photographer)


“This is work on the body at a deep level, yet with techniques that are accessible to everyone. Rebecca is a teacher who inspires great trust. The course has enabled me to free myself from various physical tensions, find a new equilibrium and basically live better.”

         C. (actor)


“Without effort, and almost without consciously intending to do so, I have trained my voice better than with other techniques I have followed. I have found energy and confidence in my body and movement without the need, as previously, to depend always on a text.”

            Manoli R. (theatre student).

“Rebecca´s method leads one to work from one´s body, from the discovery and understanding of one´s physical tensions and from movement. It is work where one researches into one´s very self; the body, movement, tensions, voice and the free but disciplined use of all these. Also, it allows subsequent artistic creation, taking this material itself as the basis of creation.

   I have found here a method of work which is truly effective in providing the actor with a way to access material that is truthful, real and alive.”

Toni A. (actor).

“The work with Rebecca has enabled me to discover a different way of understanding things. It goes beyond the hours in class, because it enables one to become conscious of one’s body, behaviour, movement and limiting physical habits – often forgotten because we become so used to living with them.

   To listen, discover, investigate, accept or recognise what is happening; it hasn´t been easy for me! But I´m very enthusiastic about it! When I manage to release tensions, lose inhibitions, let go of fears – such as worrying about being watched, judging myself all the time – it´s MAGNIFICENT! I feel strong. And I now understand what Rebecca means when she talks about PRESENCE.

   I believe this work is interesting for people who work with their bodies – dancers, actors, clowns – or for people who work with the public – e.g. teachers, lecturers – but above all, I consider it to be work that is appropriate for everybody, relating to fundamental questions.”

             Olga A. (subsequently ball-room dance teacher and voice therapist).

“I rapidly noticed certain simple, and pleasing, improvements. For example, learning to walk with my legs and feet aligned. Previously I walked with my toes turned out, and with the weight of my body badly distributed through my feet (so that my shoes wore out in no time!)

   The creative work has always evolved in a framework of much communication between the group, and with encouragement of self-knowledge… Observe your movement, observe what your body wants, where it wants to move, and in what way, avoiding the imposition of unnecessary tensions, allowing feelings, beauty, humour to emerge.”

       Miguel C. (executive and part-time theatre student).


“In Rebecca´s classes we take time for ourselves, for our bodies, for awareness of movement, gesture, expressivity, releasing of tensions, the voice, relaxation;to so many different aspects of the body. I know I wish to carry on with this work for a long time.

   Rebecca is strict in how an exercise is done, in insisting that we correct our posture before beginning a series of exercises, in her concern that we observe what is happening internally, that we should know ourselves. However, she is highly respectful of one´s intimate self, of the small but important discoveries, the lifting of blockages. She is very aware that everyone needs to take their own time and manages to combine our differences in such a way that everyone can get the most out of the classes.”

          Ana M. (administrator, and theatre student).


“In order to comment on Rebecca´s work, I need to mention first of all the idea of the group. To approach awareness through group work helps, above all, to avoid comparisons, i.e. possible competitiveness both negative (everybody is better than me) and positive (everybody is worse than me) which only interferes with the development of the work in hand.

   With Rebecca this is achieved – and here for me is the key to the work´s success – without specifically mentioning it, without directly discussing it. The work goes beyond play, but never abandons it. Mistakes are corrected but without lamentation, with the pure communicaton of touch, the voice or a look. Exercises are woven together, exercises in which one relates with others, but which at the same time allow one to explore personal elements; elements with no history, quick, spontaneous work, lacking all pretension, which allows exchange between the participants – giving in order to receive.

   …in this almost wordless exchange, the results of Rebecca´s work become brilliant, because there are reflections of oneself everywhere, but in the bodies of others, and this sensation – basic to performance (in whatever profession) is difficult to produce with words, to embody in doctrine, and Rebecca achieves it almost without mentioning it.”

             Carles G. (musician and actor)




writer - opera librettist

Actor and voice actor


students' comments